Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 5 - Avila Beach

On Wednesday morning we drove out to Avila Beach. We picked up some coffee and breakfast sandwiches at Joe Mama's Our bus boy at the Cracked Crab recommended this place and now we do too.

We then continued out to Port San Luis and parked near the fisherman's memorial where our hike out to the Point San Luis Lighthouse would begin. After meeting the group leaders and the other participants in the hike, we headed up the driveway into the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. We paused at the porta potties and then one of our guides opened a gate in the fence and we began a swift and steep climb up to a very narrow paved road. We continued on this for a short period before branching off onto the Pecho Coast Trail. It's a 3.75 mile roundtrip hike out to the lighthouse.

This trail is carved into the cliff overlooking the harbor and works its way towards Point San Luis. At a point overlooking Lighthouse Cove and the large jetty that protects the harbor, we descended back to the road and entered the lighthouse grounds.