Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 3 - Pismo Beach

Monday was a travel day. We needed to make our way up to Pismo Beach. On our last trip in 2011, we stayed in Santa Barbara so we didn't stop there this time. We did stop at Gaviota Beach though.

Gaviota was pretty deserted and the campground was closed. We walked out on the pier and admired the boat hoist. Then, we walked down the beach for awhile. However, the tide was high so there wasn't much beach so we didn't stay for very long.

So far the weather had been very nice with mostly clear skies, no wind and warm temperatures. Once we drove through the Gaviota gap though it started to get cloudy and pretty soon it began to drizzle.

We headed up to Santa Maria and then drove through the strawberry fields to Guadalupe and then took Hwy 1 up to Grover Beach. We wanted to check out the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area but the weather was not cooperating. We did walk out onto the beach but the only vehicles we could see were state park patrols.

We had wanted to have a picnic on the beach but it wasn't a beach day. So, we continued up through Pismo Beach and found the restaurant Steamers. At least we could have a view of the beach while having lunch. We shared a salad and a Pismo Platter which was plenty of food. We also enjoyed the Firestone ales that were on tap and which were reasonably priced.

After our late lunch, we checked into the Cliffs Resort where we would be spending the next three nights. We arranged to have one of the rooms closest to the water and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the resort. Miraculously, the skies began to clear, the sun came out and we even caught the green flash from our balcony.

We had our picnic sandwiches in our room and watched the Giants clinch the NLCS.

This is the view from our room and we weren't the only ones who enjoyed it.